Wishing people “good luck” on Tests, Exams.

Your friend has a math exam , you wish him/her “good luck”.
Does your friend really need luck, luck is really a stab at your friends confidence.
The only “luck” is that the test won’t be too hard.

Studying is a scientific process

Thus, there is very little luck if any. Did you read the textbook and practice enough.
If you did you will likely be okay. Obviously there are some advanced problems, so them more practice the better…

For English essay exams, well, you just need to know the concepts. I have succeeded in my share of such exams.
So wish a friend “good skill” instead of “good luck” Next time.
“Good LUCK” an insult.
“good skill” a compliment or genuine wish.

Obviously people will use “good luck” as that is a common saying for now.. But remember what you are doing
“Good Luck” … (you’ll need it)
“Good Skill” … (you’re going to murder that test! )

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  1. So simple and so true… there is no luck… there is only hard work!

  2. what are u mad ? r u discoraging ourself in exam

  3. NO I am not discourage myself assuming you meant “yourself”

    It is merely a way of recognizing a person’s intelligence and skills are used. Good Luck has been commonly used for years or maybe even …forever:) … But it is surely more caring to wish them “Good skill” maybe unorthodox for now until it catches on.. some of my friends started using it..

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